Our stars

Juan Carlos Quintero Gomez

Jalisco, Mexico

Freestyle Pom

He has been the director and choreographer of Modern Dance Academy “Studio 74” for 20 years. He acquired over 17 World Champion titles in the categories of Freestyle Pom, Hip Hop and Jazz.

He is responsible for the international successes of TEAM MEXICO during the ICU World Championships!

In the years 2004-2014, Cheer-leading Championships in Mexico, working with the Salesian school – ANAHUAC REVOLUCIÓN.

Anna Kwitniewska

Elements of artistic gymnastics in Freestyle Pom

Polish representative at the Olympic Games in ATLANT 1996 in Artistic Gymnastics and trainer Cheerleaders Galaxy Gdynia (Polish representation at the ICU World Championships in the USA 2017). Undoubtedly a competitive and coaching authority, it also brushed with great show business

Sausan Julević

Freestyle Pom

Coach and choreographer of Ladies Dance Team from Slovenia, which won the European Championships ECU 2017 and 2019. A true champion of choreography and precision of arm motion.

Jimmy Liu

Chinese Taipei, Taiwan
Cheer Technique

An amazing coach and an athlete. His team Monster is a leader in National cheer competitions at level 6, last year Chinese Taipei team took the 2nd place in ICU Worlds!!! Jimmy also cooperate with Singapore Polytechnic:as a coach. His amazing charisma and knowledge will help you with jumps, tumbling technique and of course stunts and pyramids

Maria Wahlroos

Cheer Technique

Maria is a long-time coach of the All Girl category Finnish National Team (2012-2013, 2015-2020). Achieved:
– 2 times the title of World Champion
– 8 times Finnish Championship title
– 5 times European Championship title
Amazing coach focusing on the correct technique and physical preparation!

LeRoy McCullough

Cheer Technique

USA TEAM COACH !!!! No more need to be explained, the winner of many ICU World Championship titles and the FISU World Academic Championships! A world trainer and an extraordinary personality!

Ewa Stellmach


Mental Coach of amateur and professional coaches and players, great motivator, expert in overcoming failures and building coaching staff.

Dorota Dragan


Recognized expert of motor preparation. She works with professional sport players from many disciplines.

Katarzyna Ostręga


Sporty amerykańskie zawsze były jej bliskie. Kiedy mieszkała w Stanach była członkiem licealnej drużyny cheerleaders, a w Polsce współpracuje z drużyną footballu amerykańskiego Kraków Football Kings.

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